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At Badlands Distillery LLC, you can experience the true meaning of handcrafted distilled spirits. Our distillery grows farm fresh corn for each batch of whisky that is distilled, and our flavors are natural, some of them are even local! Visit our store today to purchase your favorite spirits, or if you already have a bottle, click on the title of each flavor to view some popular recipes (Iron Hills Bourbon excluded from recipes).

80 Proof

Iron Hills Bourbon – Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distilled from corn, malted barley & rye. Iron Hills Bourbon is a bourbon distilled and bottled in Kadoka, SD with the corn that is grown & harvested on the family-owned ranch. Popular belief says that Bourbon can only be made in Kentucky, however, Federal law says that Bourbon is a name given to specific whiskeys that meet several requirements, a few of which are: (1) the mash is made up of at least 51% corn or more, (2) whiskey must be distilled in the United States of America, (3) whiskey can be distilled at no higher than 160 proof, (4) whiskey must be barreled at no more than 125 proof (5) whiskey must be aged in new, charred, oak barrels.

Our bourbon is made one batch at a time and is sold in limited quantities. It may or may not be available for sample and purchase and is sold only at Badlands Distillery in Kadoka, SD.

Special Reserve

An old family recipe that has been handed down through the generations. Joe Herber (great-uncle to Badlands Distillery co-owner Jim Herber) & four of Joe’s brothers were illegally operating a still on the Herber Ranch, in the early 1920’s & 1930’s, where the Herber family still lives today. Joe Herber flavored his carefully distilled spirits with a brown sugar syrup and colored it with oak barrels. He had a reputation for producing the tastiest, most healthful, & smoothest whiskey in all of South Dakota Territory. The brothers sold their spirits to state politicians, chief of police all over the state & even the governor at that time. Eventually they were caught by the feds in a raid that ended with the still being destroyed, many casks & kegs full of whiskey being thrown into the White River & Great Uncle Joe spending a year in jail for bootlegging. 80 proof or 40% ABV.

Badlands Honey

Made with real honey that comes straight from bee hives in Kadoka and the surrounding areas, this spirit is naturally sweetened, oak-aged and finishes with a smooth flavor. Our honey is locally harvested and is made by the same bees that pollinate our corn and jalapeños! 80 proof or 40% ABV.

Branding Iron

For something truly exceptional, try Branding Iron. This spirit is distilled from corn sugar & infused with oak. It is flavored with cinnamon and real jalapeños are dropped into each bottle for a unique, one-of-a-kind taste. Our jalapeños are harvested locally at the family’s ranch. The first note you pick up on is the sweetness of the cinnamon at the tip of your tongue… as it moves to the back of your mouth and covers your entire palate the heat from the jalapeño hits you for a bold finish. 80 proof or 40% ABV.

55 Proof

Weta Latté

Weta Latte is made with freshly ground coffee beans & a hint of vanilla. This spirit is named after the town of Weta, pronounced “wee-duh”, which got its start in 1907 when the Milwaukee Railroad was extended to that point. Weta would have been located a few short miles northwest of the Herber Ranch. Most of the residents left during the dust bowl drought of the 1930’s, & the town further declined when the rail line was removed in 1980. Only a couple of foundations now remain. 55 proof or 27.5% ABV.

Cinn-ister Apple

No other fruit represents fall like a good crisp apple. Who doesn’t love apple pie? Spices such as cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar combined with our oak-aged apple flavored spirit delivers a potent, delicious concoction. There is a reason our spirit is named “Cinn-ister”! Enjoy responsibly. 55 Proof or 27.5% ABV.

Badlands Caramel

The sweet smell of caramel is like biting into a caramel candy. Our oak-aged, caramel flavor gives our spirit a sweetness, but without the syrup texture. Enjoy responsibly. 55 Proof or 27.5% ABV.

Badlands Gumbo

Who doesn’t love a nice hot chocolate? But who said it has to be rated PG? Our Badlands Gumbo is the perfect blend of dark Ghiradelli chocolate and our aged, corn-based spirit. Enjoy this spirit on a cold night around a campfire or mix it with you ice-cream. This drink is versatile. 55 Proof or 27.5% ABV.